Colorado mountain home with hand-made details

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This Offbeat Real Estate porn was brought to my attention by Offbeat Home reader Anna. This Evergreen, Colorado home, built into the side of a freaking mountain, wowed both her, her family, and me!

Let’s take a peak around inside while Anna explains why the furniture is just as offbeat as the home itself…

My parents recently stayed at this house, which is currently for sale. My mom came home and talked my ear off about it, so I went searching to see if I could find the listing. I did.

The owner designed those amazing wooden front doors in the foyer.

The patterned chairs are all upholstered with hand-painted fabric done by one of the owners.

He’s hand painted other textiles throughout the house, like the curtain in the master bedroom for instance, but they’re pulled aside to show the view in this picture.

The couple designed the house together, I believe. But more importantly, those chairs — those chairs.

Those chairs… those windows… those views… and that atrium full of lush plant life in the middle of the home!? This was an awesome find. Now who wants to fork over the one million dollars to purchase this puppy?

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  1. Just add this onto the list of times I wished I had a million dollars just sitting in my back pocket. Gorgeous.

  2. You did not mention the HOT TUB IN THE ATRIUM oh my goodness. I would spend all of my time tending plants there as the winter raged on outside.

  3. I think the doors look a bit like the Lament box design from Hellraiser. I can’t decide if that makes the house awesome or way too creepy to live in.

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