Another closet kid’s room — FOR TWO KIDS!

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As many of you know, my son sleeps in a walk-in closet that’s been converted to a nursery.

Well, if I thought we were being impressively space-efficient … I was wrong.

Thanks so much to Rhiannon for sending me this post about a walk-in closet that sleeps TWO children.

If anyone’s got other examples of living with kids in super tight quarters, I want to see ’em! Yes, I read Apartment Therapy and Odeeoh, but there must be other great examples of how folks creatively use small spaces for kids with big personalities.

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  1. I really love these closet bedrooms. I mean, for the itty-bitty crowd, how much room do you need to sleep? I think it’s a great idea especially if it means growing up in an awesome neighborhood or even not having parents stretched thin to make a mortgage payment on a bigger place.

  2. I love this! Honestly, I deeply regret the decision we made to move to a two bedroom apartment when Miles was 3 months. Not only was it useless — we still ended up a little cramped and turned out to be cosleepers, so his room turned out to be basically storage — but TO THIS DAY, a little over a year later, we’re still suffering the financial repercussions of it. (I had a job that promised me so many hours a week to afford to the extra $210/month in rent that didn’t deliver.)

    I wish we’d just dealt with our not-that-small one bedroom apartment.

  3. Thanks for posting this.

    We live in the suburbs and bought a smallsih 3 bed 1 bath home with the plan that we should be able to just afford it on one income. We figured it was big enough to raise 2 kids until the oldest would be about school age, we could have the smaller room as study (since hubby is in IT so needs comp room) and the babies could share the larger room.

    Now *apparently* according to our family and friends are home is *not* big enough for 2 kids and a struggle for even 1. *Apparently* children/babies shouldnt have to share a room. Hey, I grew up in a 3 beroom house with 7 ppl and I turned out all right! The majority of our friends/family have 4 bed 2 bath homes (even the ones who dont have kids!) and they have the insane mortgage that comes with it.

    So every now and then I’ll start to think that maybe they’re right (“where will I put the stoller and the change table and the toys??”). But its good to know that all I have to do is come on here and look at you inspired geniuses!

    You’re absolutely brilliant at proving that bigger is not neccesarily better 🙂

    Oh and I cant WAIT to see the custom bunk bed crib!

    • I have friends…since 1978 who chose to live with a small house, live on one income and play with the second. Both were teachers that took their child on amazing-educational- camping trips every summer. Ignore the folks with huge house bills and revel in the knowledge that you will have a WONDERFUL life that others envy!!!

  4. Jordan and I were having lunch, and one of us mentioned your closet, and I said something like, “Ariel’s baby’s closet is like the condo of closets compared to Moses and Roman’s” Which. I immediately thought was hilarious, because hello, am I judging some closet nurseries as huge now? These days, in this city, and in this world of alt families on the web, when I hear people talking about regular nurseries… you know… out of a closet? And I think *luxury*!

    Ha. Sigh.

    Thanks to both of you for helping to keep the rest of us hopeful about… well… the power of our own closets.

    • HA! That’s hilarious. 🙂 I will say this about our closet: its benefited greatly from my camera’s wide-angle lens. I’ve had several friends come over after seeing pictures online, walk into the closet and go “Oh. It’s not as big as it looks in the pictures.” Lens trickery!

      That said, for a closet nursery it IS downright huge. And with only one kid in there! We’re SO BOUGIE! 😉

  5. Oh, this makes me feel so much better. My second husband, 4 year old daughter from my first marriage, and I just moved into our 2 bedroom shoebox/apartment this past March, and 3 months ago I found out I’m expecting baby number 2! Sofi’s room is bigger than ours, and houses an enormous bunkbed with a full size bottom bunk. Aside from a small dresser, a toybox, and some other small toy organizing things, that’s all her room can hold. I’m freaking out trying to figure out what to do with the baby, and all of his/her’s potential stuff!!

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