Use your wedding card box for video game controllers

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We love repurposed wedding decor. The thing about card boxes is that they can be used for MORE than just cards after your wedding. As former Offbeat Bride Mich, who created the card box above, explained…

I made our card box for the wedding. Bought a wooden box at Michaels and hand painted it to look like The Great Wave off Kanagawa. It now resides in our living room holding computer games controllers.

‘Fess up: who else is using their creative card boxes as home decor?

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  1. My wedding card box was a fake bird cage I already had from an old craft show display. Now it’s our “lost and found” box for things random friends leave at our house.

  2. Our card box was the TARDIS cookie jar from ThinkGeek. It’s currently holding the last of our Girl Scout cookies.

    Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar

    • We had a Tardis card box as well! My husband made it out of layers of cardborad and spray paint. It looks so sharp! We don’t really use it for anything now. I think it would get beat up if we used it for controllers. I want that cookie jar!

      • The best part about the jar is that it makes the TARDIS noise when you open the lid…and it ships in a package inside the shipping box that has the lid unsecured (presumably so you can try it out if you see it in a store). So the Amazon and other reviews are full of people reporting that the delivery person complained that it was making the noise all day long as they drove the truck!

  3. Somehow I managed to get married (including spending months on OBB) without ever hearing of a “card box.” I think there may have been a basket for loose cards. Maybe.

    • Yeah, the whole card box concept was completely foreign to me to. At my wedding, there might have been a picnic table, where people just set cards? It wasn’t until Megan came on board at Offbeat Bride that I had ever even heard of them. 🙂

    • I hadn’t heard about them until I started reading wedding blogs. I made fun of them on my own blog, and then several of my readers explained they loved them because it meant they could slip a gift card or other small envelope in and be sure it wasn’t going to get lost on the table with other gifts.

      After I saw the prices that various stores were charging for what was, essentially, a shoebox with wrapping paper around it, we got the TARDIS cookie jar above. The upside was that we spent less than some places were charging, and we now have a TARDIS cookie jar.

  4. Hey wait, scrolling through facebook today and …there’s my card box 🙂
    Thanks for sharing it, took me so long to paint that I decided it needed to be used for more than just 1 day

    • Oh yeah, and hey: did anyone tell you we’re featuring your cupcakes next week? Megan and I are still working out our “notify people we’re featuring their stuff” procedures. 😉

  5. Our cardbox is a smallish thing that looks like a cross between a hatbox and a treasure chest, with a nice little latch. It now holds all of our, uh, adult toys. I was so freakin’ proud of myself when I thought of that…

  6. I’m making a Mario coin box for our card box. Currently the cardboard box is being used by the cats as a hiding place. I figure once the wedding is over, it will go back as a coin box hiding place for the cats! They love boxes and the coin box won’t make it look like there’s garbage in our living room.

  7. I’m making a card monster out of googly eyes, fun fur and an ice cream pail. noooooooooooooooo idea what to do with it yet. maybe toys? maybe remotes and controllers. any other ideas out there?

  8. Omigod you’re brilliant. Now I’ll be making a box just so I can keep our N64 controllers in it.

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