How to make a holiday wreath out of candy

Guest post by Ange

This candy wreath is a fun holiday decoration and makes a tasty treat when it’s time to pull the decorations down — if it lasts that long! Making the wreath is pretty simple once you get the hang of wiring on the candy.

To make the candy wreath you will need:

Make a circle with the heavy gauge wire, use two layers for extra strength, and bind together with the finer wire. I made a circle about 20cm across.

Wire each piece of wrapped candy individually onto the wire loop, pushing them together on the wire as you go along until the wreath is full.

Hot glue on a few extra candies to fill in the gaps if you need to.

Finish the wreath off with some curled ribbon or a holiday decoration and hang somewhere festive (and out of sunlight if it’s summertime!).

Comments on How to make a holiday wreath out of candy

  1. You can totally use a wire coat hanger to do this if you want to make a large one – you bend the wire into a circle and leave the hanging hook at the top and then you have a way to hang it from a door/nail!!

  2. Love this! Did you poke the wire through the candy wrapper to secure each one? I can’t figure it out from the photos, but it’s quite possible I’m overlooking something.

  3. OMG Minties!!! Fantales would work equally as well too : )

    I’m currently living in the states and just brought back two huge bags of Minties after a trip home, might surprise the other half with this next week.

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