Create a “built in” dog pool just in time for summer

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I love how Amazon user Martin Owen created this “built in” dog pool in his Florida backyard. I’m thinking this could be as easy as getting some bricks, and setting the Bone Pool inside of ’em. Boom: you have one cool, wet, and happy dog on your hands this summer.

The Bone Pool is currently in stock on Amazon for $359. (Even if that’s too rich for your blood, you should still click the link to see some ADORABLE photos of dogs enjoying their pools.) The smaller Paw Pool is cheaper, as well as a whole host of other dog pool options over on Amazon.

Think I can somehow pull off a dog pool on my balcony?

Comments on Create a “built in” dog pool just in time for summer

    • Agreed. It says it has a built in drain, I can only think that maybe he also built in a french drain when he did the pavers, but his grass doesn’t look disturbed so maybe not (depending on how long it’s been since this was constructed). Goodness knows Florida has plenty of mosquitoes already!

      I like the pink flamingoes, but I think they’d last approximately five minutes around my dog. She’s very, uh, enthusiastic with her toys.

    • Perhaps it’s on the side we can’t see? Because it looks like the drains are on the far side. But with MY dogs, draining wouldn’t be a problem, the problem would be be keeping it full enough!

  1. We went to Toys R Us yesterday and bought not one, not two but THREE kiddie wading pools. One for the dogs, one for us and one for my parents’ house. I thought my dogs would be so excited! One of them loves to jump in streams and lakes when we go hiking, but she was terrified of the wading pool. The other one just wants to drink out of it. The chickens like it, though.

    Hopefully they’ll come around soon. If not, no big deal. It was only eight dollars.

  2. My parents have kept a wading pool on their deck for years. It’s under the downspout from the roof. My mom uses the water for potted plants, and the dogs get to sit in it after walks. They just have a simple wading pool, like you would buy for kids, which is probably cheaper than one shaped like a bone, but not as adorable…

  3. How deep is it though? I’m not sure about other parts of the world, but in Australia if a backyard pool is over a certain depth it needs to be fenced off just in case a child falls in there and drowns – whether you have kids or not…. poor dogs would hardly ever be able to access their pool if its always fenced!

    • Not deep at all, you can click through the to Amazon listings to see the dogs in the pool to get an idea of depth. I think it’s 11 inches deep. I think people probably just drain the gross, dirty water after each doggy use, really.

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