When will breastfeeding stop interfering with my sex life?

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I have always enjoyed a really great sex life with my husband — pretty much right up until the birth of our daughter in August. After she was born, it took a while to get back into the swing of things. The problem now is that it hurts every time we try to have sex. I talked to my midwife about it and she said that it is going to hurt more than normal because I’m breastfeeding. I do have an IUD but she assured me that it wasn’t the problem and once I stop breastfeeding, it will go back to “normal.”

My daughter is almost six months old and it hasn’t gotten any better. I don’t want to avoid sex with my husband or prematurely stop breastfeeding her for my own comfort (especially since I went through a hell of a lot to keep breastfeeding her). My husband has been great about it and doesn’t mind if we go weeks without sex because there are other ways of being intimate, but I miss it. Has anyone else had this problem while breastfeeding? Does it really go away, and how long did it take it for you to be “normal” again? — theladybug.

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  1. Hi, I decided o comment even though the last comment was months ago. It is not helpful advice to just tell the mums in these situations to simply use a lubricant. If it were this simple they wouldn’t be asking. This levl of intercourse pain is extreme and feels like a knife is being thrust in you.The midwife’s comment was spot on….this is a drawback from the hormonal changes of breastfeeding and it does return to normal soon after stopping. My experince from feeding 3 Children, between 1-4 yrs each is that despite oodles of lube, great foreplay, even pessaries, etc…..the actual moisture in my vagial tissues was so low that elasticity was minimal. Do lube is ony a bandaid on a
    Much deeper problem. My wonderful gynecologist said for soe women the only choice is continue breastfeeding and take actual intercourse off the table or stop breastfeeding. I loved breastfeeding and loved having intercourse to look forward to after i stopped. Please dont feel ashamed or worried if you are experiencing this despite your best efforts. It is ‘normal’ , even if its not that common.

  2. I’m interested as to what is causing this… You mentioned the IUD which is the likely cause, I guess. If you are not comfortable having sex with your husband while you await the pain to subside, have you considered adult toys? They may be able ease the pain, or allow you two to enjoy sex in other ways in which you will both continue to be pleased 🙂

  3. Ok so pain here too! Dr said it would hurt due to breastfeeding. She said that it would feel like sand paper…perfect description! We have used lube out the wazoo and it still hurts unbearably. I don’t know what to do…HELP! I hate that my fear of the pain keeps making me push my husband away. I find that I don’t even want him to touch me because I don’t want to have to say no AGAIN…I love him and am still very much attracted to him. Any advice?

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