Classical book porn, a handmade crib and a menagerie of pets

April 11 2011 |

The Monday Montage is here to start another week at Offbeat Home. Settle in and let's browse some interesting finds from the Flickr group.

Joker Venom has a super-classy bookshelf arrangement. It catches my eye every time I go through the Flickr pool. And yo! Did you know it's Library Week across the Offbeat Empire?

The American Library Association recognizes National Library Week April 10-16, 2011. To celebrate, Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Home are bringing literary-related posts every day this week.

Love lalaleahana's gorge vintage tablecloth. After like ten views during editing this post, I finally saw the hidden kitty.

Ladydavonia communes with her bearded dragon.

Kat-tastrophe's smoky little cat has a pretty sweet life in a travel trailer. Awesome, dude. (I'm sorry I'm so cat-obsessed. I like dogs, too!)

So, blindcavefish's Renato made an ultra-mod crib. Just a super-cool piece of baby furniture made with two bare hands. NO BIG.

Let's hit the Clicky Links:

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  1. Love the bearded dragon! The place I used to live/work had one (along with a ton of snakes and turtles) and I've been wanting one of my own ever since leaving there.

  2. I just about fell out of my chair at my work-desk when I saw my name up there. Woo!

    And YAY for library week! I've been "banned" from buying any new books until at least May by the boyfriend (which is okay… I bought about $100 in books last month…) so I might start re-painting my bookcase this afternoon.

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