Shrie forwarded a link to Geek Dad, aka the book I’m buying my husband for Father’s Day.

The book is written by Ken Denmead, the writer of Wired’s GeekDad blog, and is basically 240 pages of ways to geek out all over the place. Speaking of GeekDad, after checking out the blog I noticed that they’re in the midst of “The Ultimate GeekDad Blog Giveaway“, which ends June 11.

If your babydaddy or DILF, whichever you prefer, is really the bookish type, he might also be interested in 1,001 Facts That Will Scare the Shit Out of You: The Ultimate Bathroom Reader. In fact, at $10 a pop, I’m thinking this book would be a worthy purchase for just about anyone, fatherhood status notwithstanding. It’s 300 pages of all-out gross-out tidbits and facts, and sure to interest, or at least disgust, nearly everyone that you know. Plus, how funny would it be to really keep in the bathroom?

However, the funniest book by FAR is Awkward Family Photos. It’s a book version of the blog, which I highly recommend if you’re in need of some time to kill online.

Comments on Books for DILFS

  1. Hey everyone, Ken from and author of the Geek Dad book her. First, thanks so much Stephanie for including my book on your list! I’m still amazed by all the folks who are finding it and enjoying it.

    Second (as has already been remarked upon), yes, it’s available in ebook format all over the place.

    Third, for Maddy, it’s totally good for geeky moms as well. I inherited the GeekDad blog name, and that’s what the publisher of the book wanted to build off of, but I totally recognize the significant geeky mom population out there as well and I think the projects in the book will appeal to them, too.

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