4 steps to having a successful and body-positive boudoir shoot

Guest post by Minerva Siegel
Photos by Ryan Laessig of Milwaukee Alt
Photos by Ryan Laessig of Milwaukee Alt

Boudoir photography is growing in popularity rapidly, and it’s not hard to see why: it can boost confidence like crazy and be a very empowering and liberating experience. A lot of people think that they can’t do boudoir photography; that they’re too big, too old, too awkward, not pretty enough, etc. That’s just not the case.

Absolutely anyone on the planet can do a boudoir shoot; it’s all about getting the right lighting, angles and photographer. No matter what stage you are on your body-positive journey, doing a boudoir shoot can help boost your confidence!

Here are my steps to having a successful and awesome boudoir shoot:

1. Choose a good photographer

When choosing a photographer, be sure you get to see their portfolio so you can choose one whose style you want to be shot in, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. [Editor’s note: The Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide is full of awesome boudoir photographers!]

2. Trust your photographer

Along with asking to see their portfolio, don’t be afraid to request their references. Talking to their former clients can help you to decide whether or not they’re the photographer for you.

If you’ve chosen to work with a good, professional photographer, don’t worry about them seeing your body. Relax. They’re not critiquing you, they’re looking at your body like art and figuring out how to capture the best lighting and angles to really show it off.


3. Relax

Pamper yourself before the big shoot. Get your nails done, maybe have your hair and makeup professionally done if you feel like it, take a candlelit bath or a nice hot shower, etc. Making yourself feel beautiful will help to relax you about the whole thing. If you’re nervous or uncomfortable, it’ll show in the pictures, so do what you have to do for yourself to feel comfortable and at-ease.

4. Listen to your gut

Go into this with a clear idea of the kind of photos you want, and how much skin you’d like to show. If your photographer wants you to show more skin than you’re comfortable showing, or wants you to pose in ways that you don’t feel comfortable posing, don’t! Remember that you’re in control, this is YOUR shoot and you call the shots. If at any point you’re feeling uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to leave. This should be a fun and empowering experience for you!

If you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to get some killer images and have a blast doing your boudoir shoot!

What are your tips for a body-positive boudoir shoot experience?

Comments on 4 steps to having a successful and body-positive boudoir shoot

  1. I did art nudes in the fall, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I mean, my husband likes them, too, but I honestly did them just for me. I worked with a photographer I’d been intact if with through her Facebook page for a long time, so we already felt like we had a bit of a rapport going on. She’s incredibly body positive, and shoots all body types. I adored her work from the moment I saw it, and that was really important for me. She’s all about empowering people to love themselves, and she helped me do just that. I’m in a pretty body positive place, but Star only enhanced it.

    Anyone in the Edmonton area needing boudoir should check out Acts of Beauty. You will not be disappointed.

  2. I’m plus size and my husband is into photography, he has been wanting to take boudoir pics of me for ages. We finally did it this summer and they turned out great, very sexy but (for me) not too revealing.

    I even shared a few with friends on facebook. My friends not only went crazy for them a bunch of other plus size women I know asked if he would take pics of them.

    I highly recommend doing it if you can find a photographer you are comfortable with.

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I have gained weight since my wedding, and I was still very curvy then, and I have lost so much confidence in myself. I have been having a hard time working out and feeling good and have been considering a boudoir shoot. But I keep putting off….for when “things are better”. But your tips have helped me. When I can get the money together, I will do it. 🙂

    Oh, and one other tip I had from a friend, if you want to buy a Groupon deal or the like for a boudoir shoot do research first. Research the photographer or the company doing it. They may botch it entirely. It’s better to go with an awesome photographer from the beginning. And that goes for any shoot, not just boudoir.

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