Another insanely creative pregnancy slideshow to love

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Thanks to Caitlin, who sent this in, I am a now an avid reader of Bleubird Vintage. James, the writer and owner of the blog, hosts frequent clothing giveaways — and is a stylist and designer herself — in addition to mothering her daughter and son AND growing a baby girl in her womb. (Sidenote: I kind of have a soft spot for anyone who refers to their baby as “the bird” because that’s one of Jasper’s most consistent nicknames.)

26 weeks of one of the most awesomely documented pregnancies, ever.

Each week James writes a letter to her yet-to-be-born child, and posts it, along with a few photos. Here’s a handy slideshow she made showcasing weeks 12 to the present week 36.

(How to operate the slideshow: drag the gray bar at the very bottom across the screen!)

You can see more of the letters (and photos) here.

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  1. You should give credits to Ryan (Pacing the Panic Room) ’cause he was the first one to do these kinds of series and after that, everyone started doing them. They’re all great, I just think credit should be given to the one who deserves it the most.

    • None of her clothes are maternity! I’ve read her blog most of her pregnancy and she mentioned in an entry a month or so ago that she wasn’t wearing maternity clothing. She has a really great eye for what works for her growing body.

  2. This is the best dressed pregnant Mama ever!
    Ugh… I wish I had been that stylish! I just wore the same pair of jeans every time I went out… hehe

    And I love the letter idea! I’m doing a similar thing. I”m keeping a journal of my daughter. Just little things that she does through out the day or whatever. I’m hoping to continue keeping a journal for her until she turns 18, and then I can give them to her on her birthday! ^_^

  3. such a cool idea, and the mommy is so stylish! they are so diligent at doing the weekly shoots! the most i have the patience for is to do a shoot once at the end of every trimester. =)

  4. I just found out that I’m pregnant this week and I found this site today. Her clothes are just fabulous and I’ve been searching for “maternity patterns” but now I’m inspired and think I will just try to find things that will fit my growing tummy instead. 🙂
    This presentation was beautiful and so inspiring, I think I will do something similar for my baby.

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