Vegan Black Metal Chef shreds your MIND with pad thai

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I fully support the black metalizing of every day tasks. This is a legit recipe. Get out your fucking metal knife and get to it. CRUSH THOSE PEANUTS.

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  1. My husband showed this to me, but I could only get to CRUSHING THE PEANUUUUTS before I couldn’t listen to it anymore. Hilarious concept though!

    • Kudos for getting that far! I made it to, “BREAK THE NOODLES!” Then I realized I have a much simpler, equally vegan (just don’t add shrimp or chicken), and less shouty recipe at home.

  2. i’d like a written copy of this recipe. looks good but i really can’t follow it in this format!

  3. LOVE IT! Yay for metal cooking shows! Now we need Deathklok in on it to make the animated series and the earth would esplode with it’s awesomeness.

  4. XD
    I loved this video! My almost-husband and I couldn’t stop laughing!

    “Now stir! Stir you fools! You’d better stir faster than that or it will BUUUURRRRNNNN!”

  5. This is the most black-metal cooking show I have ever seen!!! Being a fan of black metal and of cooking, I laughed my ass off. I’ve gotta share this with my coworkers, I work in a vegan restaurant.
    P.s. Yup, I watched the whole video. 😛

  6. I’m on a work computer right now so I will have to check out this video later. Holla for metal and cooking! Has anyone made food from the heavy metal cookbooks?

  7. Totally epic! I love this, I sent this to a vegan metalhead friend of mine. I still cannot stop laughing. \m/

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