What do you wear during labor and birth?

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Photo courtesy of Pretty Pushers, maker of somewhat cute birthing gowns.
Photo courtesy of Pretty Pushers, maker of somewhat cute birthing gowns.
I’d love to hear about what Offbeat Families readers wore or are planning to wear during labor and delivery.

My awesome friend Mo is going to make me a skirt or dress or something that will be comfortable and not outrageously expensive (just in case the blood and meconium stains don’t come out :D)

I’m just looking for style ideas, and I figured this was just the community to ask!


We’re betting some of you will have amazing suggestions in the comments… ready, set, GO!

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  1. For my first I was in the hospital. I wore a black, stretchy maternity skirt and tank top in the beginning. Halfway through I ended up naked and stayed that way til the end (and after). For the second I was at home and in a birth tub. I wore a bathing suit top the whole time and that’s all.

  2. I wore a sundress. Short and stretchy. Nothing fancy in case it got fluids all over it. It was also a multi colored red flowers so I didn’t look/feel like I was walking around with stuff all over me (although I probably was) :). It was easy to just pull down the top to nurse one the baby arrived. In not very modest usually but personally felt more comfortable having a little coverage and support of my much larger than normal breasts and ailing privates from visitors, family and medical staff in and out.
    It’s important to do what makes you feel most comfortable. Take a nursing bra and a few comfy items that are easy to put on and take off to the hospital. Also socks in case you get cold. If your labor is long you may go through a couple outfits. Again it’s about you feeling comfortable. 🙂

  3. you’ve made me feel all warm and contented inside 🙂 Sunshine can make such a difference to how you feel, can’t it? I am thrilled that Gordon’s have started doing sloe gin – much easier than the DIY stuff we used to make, which saw us covered in scratches from picking those elusive berries! The girls’ wendy house looks amazing – and maybe you can even use it yourself to escape for a few minutes peace every now and then 😉 xx

  4. One of my husband’s sleep tshirts. The really old and large ones. After the fourth pair of boxershorts had gotten drenched, I ditched those and went without. And a bra. Can’t do physical stuff without one.

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