What’s the very best thing about having a child (or children) in your life?

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The Superhooper family!
The Superhooper family!

We know you love the kids you’re raising and/or taking care of — our archives are filled with stories about the joys of breastfeeding, the indescribable wonders of adoption, the incredible ways families are being created, tales from parents of teens who share interests, and so many wonderful birth stories it’d take you days to get through them all.

I thought it would be really fun (and possibly quite emotional, in a good way) to get all musey and lovey about how being a parent, caregiver, or positive influence in the life of a child (or children) is a truly incredible experience.

You guys ready? Let’s do this Open Thread style! What do you absolutely love about parenting or knowing the kids in your life — and what positivity have they brought into yours? This is for everyone — parents, aunties, uncles, grand-parents, Child-Free friends, baby-sitters, nannies, tutors, and so on. ALL Y’ALL.

And don’t worry, I’ll be holding hands and handing out virtual tissues all day long. This is all about FEELINGS!

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  1. As a working mother, I have found that having kids has given me balance, patience and poise in my life that I did not have before. No more stressing about silly workplace drama–I know now that there are way more important things in life! and they’re waiting for me to come home!

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