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When it comes to parental tattoos, (or really, tattoos in general), there’s a whole spectrum of what people do, and do not, get on their bodies. This is a post filled with photos of tattoos that kick ass.

Girl Scout Badges - my "family" tattoo

Says Misty: “The rock hammers represent my husband Josh, who is a Geologist. The leaf represents my daughter, Autumn. The flames represet my son Aiden, who’s name means “fiery one”.. It still needs some touching up done when it heals in a couple weeks.”

Olivia Jade

Daughter’s name? Olivia Jade. The colors in this make me trippy-happy.

Photo by Devo.

The back story: “A little over a year ago, I designed a tattoo that incorporated the names of both my children, not that I had two kids yet, but I knew I would eventually. Well, it turns out that the tattoo I designed wouldn’t work unless I made it bigger, and I didn’t want to get it anywhere else besides my wrist so it couldn’t get any bigger. I was certain I was going to chicken out, since I’m not know for my ability to make impulse decisions and I had been planning on my design for the last year. Anyway, I was discussing some design ideas with the tattoo artist and this one kinda just took shape. It accomplishes my main goals of symbolizing the boys (its their zodiac signs) and being small enough to hide it if I have to. I can’t believe I actually went through with it, but I’m so glad I did.”


The design: “Yes, that’s a rune in the center. It’s a bindrune using the Elder Futhark. It combines the first initials of my, Kristin’s, and Julia’s names. It’s a spell to reinforce the integrity of our family unit, and to set the intention that no matter what happens in the future, the three of us will always be a family. When our next child is born, I’ll add a fourth intial and have the whole rune tattooed over in a reinscription of the spell in my flesh.”

Got an awesome kid-inspired tattoo? Send it to the pool so we can feast our eyes upon it!

Comments on Awesome parental tattoos

  1. I love these! My husband and I have been trying to design a tattoo for our son Asher. I have a big thing about symmetry (all of my other tattoos are balanced), so I might have to wait until we have a second child and get something for both of them, one on each side! =)

  2. Sorry – the one thing I can’t stand about the offbeat empire is offbeat snobishness, and I really think that “We’ve all seen one too many unfortunately lame parental tattoos” is going REALLY far. I have never in my life seen a lame parental tattoo – it’s an homage to their kids, for cripe’s sake. So what if their taste is different than yours?

    I’m not trying to be dramatic here (and if you think I am, then I have no problem with my comment being removed – it’s your website, not mine). It just saddens me to see the Offbeater-than-thou attitude.

  3. I’ll add mine to the pool. Its the constellation my daughter is named for, Lyra. The small stars are filled with black light reactive tattoo ink and the white ink that connects the stars is only visible under blacklight. The picture is when the tattoo was brand new so the lines are scabby and the picture itself sucks. But you get the idea.

  4. I don’t have any tats, even though I adore them, because I have no idea what I’d get! Since i got pregnant I’ve been thinking of getting one to commemorate my childs birth… I’m even letting it influence name choices a little! Lol

  5. I’ve started a sleeve of flowers that I’m adding to little by little and each flower represents a person I love. My daughter’s starting to ask, “Which flower is me?” I have to decide what kind of flower to get for her.

  6. I’m planning a tattoo for my daughter. For some reason I have a thing for Latin, 2 other tats are in latin. When I was a little girl my Dad used to sing you are my sunshine to me every single night, and then my fiance sang it to me without knowing it. Now we both sing it to Delilah. So it’s going to be you are my sunshine in latin, and I think there is going to be some kind of picture of a sun but I haven’t found one I like yet.

  7. Love this! I just got a tattoo for my twin sons last month (you can see it on my blog, not sure if I’m allowed to directly link to it?) – I *love* that first one with the “badges”.

    *off to look at the rest of the photos in the pool*

  8. thanks for posting about this!

    i have a fleur de lis on my wrist to honor my daughter, lily.. and i am adding a laurel wreath around it for my son, gus.

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