Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenge: anthropomorphize ALL THE THINGS!

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Pom Pom Girl by Sandrine Estrade Boulet

Inspired by Sandrine Estrade Boulet‘s awesome street-art work, this weekend’s Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenge is to go out into your neighborhood and anthropomorphize some shit, and then take hilarious photos of it!

This could be as easy as eye-bombing or as complex as using chalk, yarn, tape, or other mixed materials to create a temporary humanoid/animaloid form out of a found object or natural element. For legality’s sake, we’d discourage using paint or permanent marker unless you’re on your own property.

The Dog by Sandrine Estrade Boulet

How to play:

  1. Go out this weekend and anthropomorphize ALL THE THINGS!
  2. Take pictures
  3. Add the pictures to our Flickr pool or email us by Sunday night (June 3, 2012)
  4. WIN!
Click the picture to get lots more inspiration from Sandrine Estrade Boulet!

Comments on Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenge: anthropomorphize ALL THE THINGS!

  1. I’m putting my chalk in my pocket as we speak. I hope it doesn’t rain 😛

  2. I don’t even know where to start…. **Grabs box of animal ears** Oh wait HUMANOID form… I can’t even keep myself human, I can see myself sucking at this…

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