Are there socially inclusive alternatives to Boy Scouts?

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By: Brian CliftCC BY 2.0
The recent decision by the National Boy Scout Association to continue to exclude gay members and leaders has pretty much finalized my decision not to let my son join. This is going to cause some rift in my family, as my husband was an Eagle Scout and my father-in-law is the local troop leader. On the local level, it’s a great organization and I know that my father-in-law is by no means representative of the national position, but I can’t in good conscience support such an organization.

I think knowing basic survival skills is an excellent thing, and I know my husband still wants to be involved in that kind of organization, so I thought this would go much smoother if I had some sort of viable alternative to put forth. Does anybody know of alternative organizations that teach similar skills? — Kayla

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  1. This is a continued issue between my partner and I. He was in the BSA and wants his children to have that experience. I don’t feel it should be limited to people who identify as boys and worship a monotheistic god, and I refuse to support any organization with the policies the BSA has decided to uphold. I think he’s having difficulty reconciling his experience in an openly thumb-nosing, kid-led group, and the policies of the national organization. Personally I think that in the very near future, kids who have the BSA on their college apps and resumes aren’t going to be looked upon favorably. It’s becoming too much of a point of contention.

    My partner insists he just wants to make sure the kids learn survival skills and have that socialization and the privilege to go camping regularly with other kids, in a kid-led group. At this point it’s just a waiting game, once we have kids I’ll push the issue and see what groups are available in whatever area we’re living when we even have kids old enough for it to matter. All very hypothetical now. Heck, by the time babies come along, the BSA might even change their policies.

  2. Also, 4-H 4-H 4-H!!!
    They are HUGE in the US, and totally non=religious. And , despite thei reputation, they’re not just about raising farm animals.

  3. Kayla, and all those who asked:

    Adventure Scouts USA is a modern, co-ed, fully nondiscriminatory Scout Program for Scouts age 2 -18. There are three programs: Discovery Scouts 2 – 4 years of age, Rising Star Scouts 5 – 10 years of age, and North Star Scouts 11 – 18 years of age.

    Our Scouts visit exciting places, interact with real action heroes, and develop friendships which last a lifetime. Our Scouts choose, organize and lead their meetings, programs and activities enabling them to personalize their Scout experience and do what is FUN for them.

    Our teams easily form with as few as three Scouts from two different families. Do you know others that might be interested? Contact us, and join the FUN immediately. you’ll have fun!

    Don’t wonder why someone didn’t do something about an issue important to you. You are someone. Give Your Best: just as we ask of our Scouts. Help us make a brighter future for all.

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