Should I write this thing to submit?

YES. We get a lot of questions from readers asking if they should submit posts, and the answer is always, “YES!” Whatever it is, just submit it! We can’t wait to see it.

Hey, where’s the forum?

Unlike Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Home does not have a forum. Also like Offbeat Mama, we’ll consider adding a forum when it makes business sense to do so — at this point, it’s just not in the plans. Forums eat up resources (both technical resouces and mod time resources) and they just don’t make much financial sense. That said, forums aren’t the only way to cultivate a community! Want to share a great story? Send us your submission! Need advice? Send us a question! Want to interact with thousands of awesome Offbeat Homies? Get commenting!

What’s with the ads on your site? Why are you selling out?

Offbeat Home is part of the Offbeat Empire, which first started with Offbeat Bride — a site set up by Seattle author Ariel Meadow Stallings to market her book. What started as a book promotional project evolved into a web magazine, and like most other magazines, it’s ad supported. We feature text, banner, and sponsored post ads from indie businesses that we think are awesome. All our sponsored content is very clearly marked as such. We’re picky about who we work with, and turn down companies that we don’t think our readers will be into. In other words: yes, we’re complete sell-outs. But we always have been, and we like to think we’re the good kind.

I left a comment and it was deleted. WTF?!

This site has a strictly enforced commenting policy. If we feel a comment doesn’t fit with our policy, we remove it from the site. We understand that some people may not like our moderation style, and we’re ok with that. It’s a great big internet, and we support readers finding websites that fit with their communication styles and values.

I submitted my home tour/guestpost and you didn’t feature it. Why do you hate me?

We have a lot of different editorial reasons for which submissions we choose to select, and none of them have anything to do with your lack of awesomness. We’re just this one little website. We are not arbiters of taste or self-worth. We think you’re the bees knees, even if we didn’t have room to feature your submission.

I submitted an advice question and never heard back. What’s up?

Due to the massive influx of advice questions we get, we are unable to answer/respond to all of them. If we chose to publish or answer your question on the site, you will get an email the week before it’s set to go live.

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