5 ways to ground your energy

Guest post by Emma Smallbone
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Ever feel completely disconnected — like you’re just going through the motions? That is what it is like to not feel grounded. I had never really given the concept of “grounding your energy” much thought, until I had my son.

First of all what do I mean by grounded? I mean being present. Being in the moment and feeling connected to everything and everyone around you. Not just the trees and the earth, but your relationships and your work.

I have always made being outside and connecting with nature a part of my life. Even when I got busy, I would always make sure at least one trip a year was camping-related. We even built our house surrounded by a pine forest.

But then I had my son, and life got busy — busier than I could have ever imagined. Those moments to wander through the woods, contemplating what I was going to do with my life… those moments ended. I still get out into the woods with my son, but the time is spent watching him and focusing on what I can teach him about the wonderful place I love so much.

These days I am feeling less and less grounded, and I have to make a serious conscious effort to keep myself grounded. I just came out of a serious busy period with my photography business — sixteen portrait sessions and three weddings in two weeks. To say that I was in “head down / get it done” mode would be an understatement.

Thankfully I also had a week away at the cottage on Lake Huron directly after that. I didn’t check Facebook (as often) and I was barefoot and making an effort to ground myself every single day. I enjoyed every moment. And when I feel myself getting off track in the near future… I’m just going to take five minutes for myself and walk in the grass.

Here are a couple of steps you can try to feel grounded again:

  1.  Make a conscious effort to disconnect from electrical devices at least once a week — for an entire day if you can.
  2. Take time to sit in peace in nature. Whether it is in a city park or in a field in the country — make it a priority. This means no phones or music. Just the din of nature.
  3. Take your shoes off and walk on the ground — literally grounding yourself. You will be surprised how much more you notice about your surroundings once you no longer have shoes on.
  4. Take a salt bath. Epsom salts will do.
  5. Try meditating.

What are the ways in which you ground your energy?

Comments on 5 ways to ground your energy

  1. Thank you. I’m in a similar situation, and although I’m mostly very “here”, I still need to be reminded to ground myself. And I just needed this now.

    I especially liked that you said to get barefoot, because that really works wonders for me, too.
    Additional suggestions from me:

    1. Sing.
    Sing long and loud and passionately. Doesn’t need to sound pretty, just feel your voice. Become sound.

    2. Swim.
    Not necessarily fast or efficient, I feel like a dancer when I’m in the water. The touch of the water, the weightlessness, my body moving: Awesome!

    3. Weep.
    Sometimes I bottle up my feelings until I don’t even realize that my whole body is hunched up and my heart is clenched like my teeth and my fists from all that pressure. A good cry sometimes helps.

  2. Ah, swimming! I should really do that. Ever since childhood, the minute I am immersed in water, I feel like everything is going to be okay.

    Because I suffer from relatively severe anxiety, keeping myself “in the moment” is very important. Lately, going for walks has been my go-to way to stay grounded. Baths have been working pretty well too – I don’t have time to get myself off to the pool, but a bath seems to be helping more than just my physical ailments (which is what drove me to recent baths because I am not usually a bath person).

    I don’t feel like electronic devices necessarily keep me from being grounded. When I take walks, I often listen to music or podcasts and that becomes part of my experience on the walk. I suppose that’s because I’m most concerned with being in the moment, and that moment could include the sound of music playing in my ears or the feeling of my fingers on the keyboard as I’m typing this post.

    However, I will admit that social media in particular sometimes keeps me from being grounded because there is often a lot of negativity in posts that I read. I get angry and frustrated, thinking about the implications and spinning all kinds of circumstances on and on in my head. I’ve recently become a convert to Instagram, which in a way seems to be reminding me to enjoy my surroundings and appreciate small moments more.

    • Thanks for sharing Maryr!

      Water is an amazing way to ground…..its like surrounding yourself in positive energy! I know we are all different when it comes to music and sounds…….but I know for myself if I haven’t sat in silence at least one day a week…..my mind never calms down. Instagram is my noise free social media hide out! Come follow me @emmasmallbone

  3. Great post! I refer to it as keeping myself mindful, and mostly use meditation but have found before that singing and walking in nature work too so will try some of your suggestions (and the ones of the comment above)

  4. I wiggle my toes! It sounds silly but it helps – it’s quick, easy, and I can do it at work or during conversations when I’m feeling overwhelmed or frazzled. A nice reminder to get back in my body, appreciate that I am touching Mother Earth.

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