Midnight Thanksgiving: Our Non-Traditional Family Tradition

My first job in Portland was overnight stocking for a big box retailer. It wasn't long before I started meeting more transplants like me, who couldn't get the time off to fly home for the holidays, or just plain had nowhere to go. I wanted to invite everyone over, but there was also the nagging fact that while we did get Thanksgiving Day off, most of us would have to be at work before sunrise the day after Thanksgiving. Since we were all night owls anyhow, I offered to have everyone over on the Wednesday night before the holiday. And so the idea of Midnight Thanksgiving was born.


Nekkid Lady Party: My tips on how to host a clothing swap

About 8 years ago I moved from Portland to Seattle and realized I had way. Too. Much. Crap. I thought to myself, "Self, you can either donate to Goodwill or you can see if your friends want to pick through your stuff."

I chose the latter. Girlfriends came over, some brought over clothing and shoes, and thus Lily's Nekkid Lady Party was born. I'm here to tell you how to throw your own…


Parties, charities, gifts, and more: 8 ways to use Community Puzzles

Community Puzzle wants to hook you up with their blank puzzles that are perfect for events, community projects, kids and adults alike. All puzzle pieces are totally blank — all you have to do to make it a functional puzzle project is to decorate using markers, crayons, paint, glues, stickers, whatever! The puzzle pieces are universal and can fit together in any form, so you're free to get super creative. Here are eight ways we thought it would be rad to use Community Puzzles


How Megan attempted to win a pumpkin carving contest with the pumpkin keg

Did y'all catch that DIY pumpkin keg video that went viral? The moment I saw it I thought, "now THERE'S a Megan-simple pumpkin carving project!" Much like my cooking skills, my crafting skills are, well, let's just say sub-par. I was invited to my friends 5th annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest and I accepted with the express intent of trying my hand at the pumpkin keg. The video makes it seem so simple, spoiler alert: it wasn't!


Feminist pastry party: Celebrating non-heteronormative relationships with baked goods!

My good friend Matt brought this Jezebel article to my attention a few weeks ago. So when I got to the part of the video in which the lecturer explained his views on homosexuality (using carrots and doughnuts as metaphors for male and female anatomy, respectively) by stating that "men were not created to sword-fight and women were not created to have pastry parties," two thoughts immediately occurred to me… A pastry party sounds like a freaking fantastic idea!


Throw this Make Your own Monster party!

Halloween is a month long celebration for my group of friends, and one of the staples of October festivities is The Craft Project. This year our Halloween theme is "Monsters and Madmen," so our craft project involved creating monsters! Here's how we pulled it off…