Feminist pastry party: Celebrating non-heteronormative relationships with baked goods!

My good friend Matt brought this Jezebel article to my attention a few weeks ago. So when I got to the part of the video in which the lecturer explained his views on homosexuality (using carrots and doughnuts as metaphors for male and female anatomy, respectively) by stating that "men were not created to sword-fight and women were not created to have pastry parties," two thoughts immediately occurred to me… A pastry party sounds like a freaking fantastic idea!


Throw this Make Your own Monster party!

Halloween is a month long celebration for my group of friends, and one of the staples of October festivities is The Craft Project. This year our Halloween theme is "Monsters and Madmen," so our craft project involved creating monsters! Here's how we pulled it off…


Host your own panty party

Over a decade ago one of my best friends and I unintentionally started a holiday. It started as a party — which it still is — but it was so much fun to do that we did it again and again and never stopped. It’s been going for over a decade now. Somewhere along the line the ladies (oh yeah: it’s ladies-only) who participate started referring to it as their favorite holiday of the year. It’s The Panty Party and it is just as awesome as it sounds. Provided you think that it sounds SUPER awesome.