Do I have to surrender my backyard to the spiders?

Our lovely Portland, Oregon backyard has transformed into a spidery wonderland during the past year. Spiders are awesome and super important for the environment, but we need our personal space! What can I do to de-spider the back yard, short of spraying with pesticides?


Taking our chicken to the vet

Our Rhode Island Red hen, Rosalind Franklin (or Rosie, for short), laid her very first egg for us Saturday. Sadly, her little chicken body wasn't quite ready for it, and it caused a prolapse, which is when part of the cloaca protrudes from the hen's vent. It's a very serious condition that can cause death. With Rosie's prolapse showing no signs of getting better, and having reached the end of our knowledge in treating her, we decided to take Rosie in to the vet. Here's how it went and here's what I learned from taking my chicken to the vet…