4 ways to be an awesome crash pad guest

Here in West Palm, Florida, my sister's family and my husband and I have been co-habitating under one roof. My husband and I help out with cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, and childcare while they give us a roof over our heads while we're looking for long-term jobs and a home. It's working out really great! Here's how I've been helping to make our Family Compound feel like a functional space….


How does one go about creating an old-ladyship home?

As a single woman of 68, and living in France far from my family, I am beginning to look at end of life issues — such as how to age gracefully in place, how to create a support group and face the last how-ever-many years with dignity, control, and pleasure. I have been discussing creating a shared home with four or five other women and wonder if anyone else thinks of this.


Reconnecting with my family by changing the way we do dinner

As children, eating dinner with our families was a nightly occurrence, but as adults we seem to have fallen out of the habit. About a month ago, we decided to try an experiment: one day a week, each one of us would commit to making dinner for the family. We've been incredibly pleased with our arrangement, which has led to some unexpected benefits…