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The practice of living with roommates and getting along with family definitely deserves its own category of posts.

How to live with your in-laws while still feeling like an adult and maintaining your autonomy

Loads of us are shacking up with in-laws to save money, but it’s not always easy to feel good about being in the ‘rents house. Luckily, Offbeat Bride’s Community Manager Ang has a WEALTH of ideas on bringing your style to a prohibitive cohabitation situation.

Moving back in with the ‘rents

I’ve moved back home once, twice, three times. In this climate about one in every five people in the UK approaching 30 live with their parents. But it doesn’t have to be all bad – I’m making it work!

7 tips to build community at home

I was trepidatious when my shared household came to be me, my fiancé, my cousin, his partner and seven animals, but these tips help us create a harmonious life together.