Make a mean almond milk with coconut water

Yes, buying almond milk at the store is oh-so-convenient… but it's not nearly as yummy or good for you!And if you want it to be REALLY tasty make it with coconut water instead of plain water (if coconut water isn't your thing, you can always use plain water and this still tastes good).


Delicious tomato sauce you can make in your crock pot

This is my Crock Pot Tomato Sauce. I adapted it from a recipe I saw online somewhere forever ago. My nearly three-year-old daughter loves it and it's hearty enough that my carnivorous hubby-to-be doesn't notice when it doesn't have meat. But you can totally add meat to it later, especially if cooking for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. And it is SUPER easy!


Life hack: Satisfy your sweet tooth by only eating your own baking (with bonus brownie cupcake recipe!)

Like most people, I have a serious weakness for sweets. Brownies, cakes, cookies, candy bars… if it's got chocolate in it, I probably want it. We all know the various reasons why you should limit how much sugar you consume (heart disease, zits, etc.) So we come up with life hacks to limit ourselves. Here's mine: I only let myself eat baked goods that I make.


Strawberry Margarita Jam? Canning with alcohol!

Now, most people are used to grandma sitting over a stove making strawberry jam in jars covered with gingham fabric. I really didn't want that. Looking online, I discovered something amazing about jam… alcohol makes it better! Strawberry Margarita Jam, Peach Fondue Jam, Black Forest Jam: you better believe I make the best jam going!


"Rainbow Brite" beans and rice recipe

Because rice and beans is, in my opinion, a staple of a whole-foods vegan diet, I'd like to share with my homies another variation that, while not Megan-simple, is still delicious and will still please everyone — and it also happens to be pretty healthy. So here we have: Rainbow Brite rice and beans.