Meal Planning to save money, time, and break your take-out addiction

My husband and I realized we had a bit of an addiction to convenience food and take-out, and it was costing us more than we were happy about. I did what any reasonable woman of the world with an internet connection would do and I went to Pinterest. After a couple different meal planning experiments, I've found a way to kick our take-out addiction!


Food that's heart-healthy but REALLY easy?

I've recently been diagnosed with heart disease. I'm only 21 and in college. So I need to go from a "what can I grab and go?" fast food diet to a heart healthy diet asap. My partner is all for eating healthier, but that doesn't change the fact that we are both short on cooking time. Are there any quick/easy meals or tips on how to have a heart healthy diet on the go?


How do you reheat leftovers without a microwave?

We just moved into a lovely older house that we're planning on renting for at least a year. It doesn't have a microwave, and I'm inclined to keep it that way. I am seriously at a loss, however, for how to heat up leftovers — especially meat — without making them rubbery and dry. Any tips for this erstwhile cook?


How to use that grody public grill without fear of poisoning your picnic

Public grills get a bad rap. I can definitely see why. They're always coated in the mysterious carbony remains of meals past. There's usually some bird poop on or around them. The ash pile inside is a ghastly reminder that anything — anything — could've been cooked on these rusty little public servants. I promise with just a little work, a public grill can be a totally serviceable cooking option.


Looking for websites/cookbooks with recipes for two people

With recipes in most cookbooks and websites ranging for 4-to-6 servings per recipe, this usually means we have a LOT of leftovers. We have been halving the recipes we're eating, but often this doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions for cookbooks/websites that specialize in smaller portions, or any reducing portion size tips you'd like to pass on to a novice?