How to navigate a Community Supported Agriculture share

Thinking about joining a CSA — Community Supported Agriculture — share? I learned a lot about offbeat vegetables and how to prepare them. I learned how to roast beets without setting off the smoke detector. I know I still don't like cabbage, after trying it three ways. definitely got creative with how to fit even more veggies into my family's diet. And I got to use my favorite knife… a LOT. Here's are all my tips from my experience as a first time CSA participant…


Make your own frozen dog treats — grain-free and healthy

During the summer months, my dog Hector gets overheated really fast. He's a Corgi-black lab mix, so no matter what the season he's got a thick black coat surrounding his stumpy little body at all times. This recipe came about after I made a large batch of stock from the remains of a roasted chicken, and it's both easy and economical.


Salsa hack: Frozen nuggets of awesome

If you're like me, your mind probably conjures awesome meals you want to make at pretty much exactly the same time you want to be eating them. Which doesn't leave much time for prepping, cooking, and assembling it before you hulk out and get all Hangry — that special brand of hunger-angry. However, my partner and I have devised a method to ease at least one aspect of meal preparation — a food-hack for fast and perfectly seasoned salsa or guacamole.


Meal Planning to save money, time, and break your take-out addiction

My husband and I realized we had a bit of an addiction to convenience food and take-out, and it was costing us more than we were happy about. I did what any reasonable woman of the world with an internet connection would do and I went to Pinterest. After a couple different meal planning experiments, I've found a way to kick our take-out addiction!