The “deconstructed cheeseburger” casserole

Guest post by MVincent82
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Lately I have a had a fascination with casseroles, and how many different things can be put into them — or, in my, case changed into one.

I found that those oh so wonderful, grilled, juicy, concoctions called cheeseburgers can be made into an equally wonderful casserole, and it doesn’t take much to do it. A few tasty spices, a few choice veggies, a little bit of soup and a quick mix of biscuit mix and you will soon be on your way.

I tripped over this idea when I was having a craving for burgers, but didn’t have any bread, and had a lot of people coming over for dinner. Making burger patties out of what I had just wouldn’t extend to cover all my guests. So I dove into the pantry and found a little bit of everything I needed to make the “Deconstructed Cheeseburger Casserole.”

All you’ll need to start:

  • a medium to large onion
  • a medium to large tomato
  • some shredded lettuce
  • 1 12oz can Cheddar Cheese Soup
  • 1 lb bag of shredded cheddar (you can get a block and shred yourself, I just use this to save time)
  • 1 lb ground meat of your choice (I like to use beef)
  • some salt
  • pepper
  • Steakhouse Onion burger seasoning (my favorite, might I add)
  • biscuit mix (I make a half batch of biscuits following the recipe on the box)

Utensils needed are simple:

  • a frying pan
  • casserole dish (I use a medium 9″X13″ but you can use a larger casserole to make for bigger families or parties)
  • a mixing bowl
  • a cutting board
  • a knife

How to make the deconstructed cheeseburger casserole:

I start out by pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees F and lining my casserole dish with foil (makes for MUCH easier cleanup but you can spray you dish with nonstick spray or wipe it down with vegetable oil to keep everything from sticking). Then I set that off to the side.

My next step is chopping my tomato and onion, and dicing it all into ½-1″ pieces. I then set all of those off to the side in their own bowls, keeping about ¼ cups of the chopped onion off to the side.

Next I take my ground beef and put it into the mixing bowl. Then add all of my seasonings, and mix it all together. I also add the ¼ cups of onion. By adding the onion to the mix it allows some of those oniony juices to sweat into the meat.

Then I start browning the ground meat in my large non-stick skillet on medium-high heat, making sure to break up and cook everything until it’s all thoroughly cooked through. Then I drain off as much grease as I can (I even sometimes use a paper towel to sop up extra grease).

I place the beef into the bottom of the casserole dish, along with the onion and tomato, and stir the three together evenly.

Next I spread some of the shredded cheddar over top then the cheddar cheese soup. The mixture of the shredded cheese and soup make it really gooey and oh-so-good. I then set the casserole dish off to the side (sometimes in the microwave to hold the heat).

This is when I prepare the biscuit mixture, sometimes adding some of the shredded cheddar into the biscuit mix along with some of the onion steakhouse burger spice. Once the mixture is ready I’ll roll it all into one big ball, then flatten it out and stretch it (almost pizza dough-style) until it would fit just inside the edge of my casserole dish.

Finally I take the now-prepared biscuit mix and place it over the mixture, making sure it doesn’t quite touch the edges of my dish, as the biscuit dough will expand.

Place in the middle of the oven and bake for approximately 45-60 minutes, or until biscuit topping is golden brown, and the soup cheese mixture is bubbling. (This timing depends on the oven, just check it at 30 minutes and then again at 45 minutes.)

Remove from oven being VERY careful, as it will be extremely HOT. Cut into four pieces (a 9″X13″ pan will make four servings) and serve with shredded lettuce and all condiments used for a cheeseburger. I like to serve it flipped over with the meat on top and biscuit acting as a base. Top with your favorites and DIG IN!

Comments on The “deconstructed cheeseburger” casserole

  1. This reminds me a little of one of my favorite meals, which my mom called cheeseburger biscuits growing up. Basically you just take refrigerated biscuit dough, split the biscuit in half, stuff it with cooked meat & shredded cheese, pinch the edges back together & bake. As the name attests it started with ground beef & cheese, but now I’ve made it with ground pork, shredded pork, & shredded chicken. Haven’t found away to mess them up yet!

  2. We make cheeseburger pasties which rely likewise on a deconstructed cheeseburger model and I just wanted to propose a variation. With the proportions above I would add about two glugs of Worcestershire sauce, about a tsp of yellow mustard and 1 medium dill pickle, minced. (Okay, I would add about 3 dill pickles, but I loooooove dill pickles. ) also, for fussy folk, soak the onion for 10 minutes or so and pat dry before using. These flavors recall the best qualities of fast food burgers. Thanks for the casserole idea! It sounds super quick and handy!

  3. Also, I wonder how this would work if laz-i-fied- using breadcrumbs or bread cubes on top instead of biscuits… like if you haven’t enough bad to serve as a bun, or if it’s stale or what have you…

  4. Cheddar cheese soup!?!? Is that canned liquefied cheese?!?! I love cheese, I love melted cheese but that sounds disgusting. And what do you mean by biscuits? I am assuming not chocolate chip biscuits? This whole recipe sounds so, American :p

      • Biscuits in America are a type of quick bread. Think texturewise of a basic scone, but less sweet and more savory like a roll flavor wise. Cheese based soups can be really yummy such as cheddar broccoli and they incorporate things like broth, cream, and other ingredients and not just cheese though admittedly canned cheddar soup isn’t the most appealing thing when you open it since it comes condensed and is intended for either mixing with something else to make soup or for recipes. We also have similar condensed soups such as cream of mushroom and tomatoe that people buy probably more as recipe starters than for use as soups. If you go to Amazon’s American site you can see examples of both. Campbell’s would probably be the most common soup brand and bisquick for the biscuit mix here though may not be what the original poster used.

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