How to build a Super Bowl snack stadium

Guestpost by Ms. Are'ite on Jan 27th

The Stoner Bowl, we mean the Super Bowl is coming up. Check out this DIY snack station — perfect for tackling the munchies.

Seattle_Snack_Stadium_hugSoon, 'Mericans everywhere will cheer on their spandex-clad warriors while eating fried food and drinking beer!

If you're hosting this seasonal celebration, why not take it to a whole new level and build a Super Bowl snack stadium? (Come on, do you love 'Merica or not?)

It can seem daunting, I know, but I found some cheats to make the construction a little less labor intensive. Here's what I did:

Bankers boxes: I used a total of 22. (Eight on each long side, three on each shorter side.) Super glue the boxes together.

superbowlsnack3Cut and connect four aluminum foil pans (together, they are approximately 34" long x 14" wide).

Hand-cut old styrofoam packaging, so you have rounded edges. Add cardboard strips to the top four sides of the stadium. Then I added red-check basket buddies to line the (s)eating areas.

Snack Stadium Seahawks 5
Finally, I used craft paper to wrap the exterior the first year, then this year just re-skinned the snack stadium with our home team — the Seattle Seahawks.

If you have room on your table, you can make the "parking lot" with mini chocolates bars.

PrintYou can either be an incredibly generous host and fill the stadium yourself, or feel free to use this stadium (s)eating chart so that your guests can pick which "seating area" is theirs to fill.

super bowl snack stadiumThen snack away, and enjoy the game!

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