Mind blown: cut off a bottle spout to store snack bags

Photo via ThinkGeek's twitter stream

I just…what is there even to say, here? Basically, the picture shows you what to do:

  1. cut off the spout of a wide-mouthed plastic bottle
  2. stick it in the end of a sack of food (chocolate chips! nuts! whatever!)
  3. fold it over
  4. screw on the top
  5. have your mind blown


  1. I saw this a few weeks ago, and wondered, isn't it easier to just use the twisty-tie? Is there a product for which the extra work would be beneficial? Please help me see the baskets!

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    • Twist ties are great unless you have roommates that don't quite understand the concept of putting them on tight. This is more foolproof.

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    • For a loose food item that tends to spill (millet, powdered sugar, etc.) this would be WAY more mess-resistant than a twist-tie.

      Also, if you live in an area with bugs, a screw-on cap is a stronger bug deterrent than a twist-tie that tiny bugs can climb through.

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  2. I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago and thought it looked great, but when I tried it, the layer of plastic bag folded down over the spout prevented the cap from screwing back down– I guess the threads of the spout/cap were too shallow? Has anyone actually gotten this to work? Did you use a particular kind of bottle?

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    • haven't tried it – but this was the flaw that came to mind

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    • I've found this works best if you use the top of a 2 liter bottle, with 20oz soda bottles coming in second. Bigger threads work better, and the threads need to be thick on the bottle AND the cap, not just the bottle.

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    • Completely by coincidence, the first thing I could do this to after finding this on pinterest was in fact chocolate chips. And I had a Gatorade bottle with a wide mouth top on it, just like this one. Worked like a charm! Even with the bunched up bag, it screwed on with only moderate effort, and is air tight. Also screws off for easy pouring. I've done it with a few different things, and what I've found is that across the board, you need a wide-mouth bottle. Seems to be the big trick.

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