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How DO you move out of state?

By on Aug 24th

California in my rear view © by jjandames, used under Creative Commons license.

People pack up and move out of state all the time, right? It's obviously a thing — a thing that my boyfriend and I can't figure out how to do! In order to get an apartment, you have to have a job to prove your income; in order to get a job you have to live within a reasonable distance of the workplace. It would help to have family or friends up there, but none of our people have chosen to homestead there.

We want to ditch the overpriced California lifestyle and go to beautiful Offbeat Oregon! That romantic story of tossing all your stuff into a moving van and setting off on an adventure somewhere wonderful is exactly what we're after. I've been applying to jobs in Oregon for months now and I've got zip to show for it. Not even a returned email. Sucky economy is not kind to out-of-state job search!

If it's such a chicken and egg problem, how the heck do people do move out of state? Did everyone have a job offer before they left town? We're at a loss.

Help us Offbeat Homies, you're our only hope! -Dana B.

UPDATE: We moved out of state thanks to Offbeat Home & Life!

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