The girliest vintage home you'll ever see

By on Aug 30th

White, girly, fringy, vintage-y. You could TOTALLY see Hollywood A-listers lounging and smoking in this living room. Photos courtesy of

This interior of this Rolling Meadows, Illinois home, built in 1967, is EXACTLY what I would imagine every famous Hollywood starlets' home looked like. Or, as the real estate listing says,

Welcome to the world of mid-century modern. The cast of "Mad Men" would be right at home in this vintage, pristine home.

So let's don our sheer pink nighties, fluffy mules, and take a trip back in time to the girliest home (and OMG, glittery pink bathroom!) I've ever seen.

Check out that vintage wall art!

Is that seriously vintage bakeware in the ovens? I love it.

I absolutely love that the white brick from the vintage fireplace wraps around one wall.

This bedroom makes me feel like you should always be in girly dresses, singing, and primping yourself before the floor to ceiling mirrors.

Pink bath fixtures, shiny wallpaper, glass jars full of powder puffs, and a glittery wall divider. Homies, meet the girliest-ass bathroom you'll ever see.

Finally, all starlets need to have a fancy outdoor patio on which to entertain guests while you have fancy cocktails.

Okay, so who's with me in LOVING this girly vintage home? Or are you rolling your eyes and going, "Megan seriously!?"

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