Vintage 1955 cottage in the Hollywood Hills

By on Jun 25th

My favorite vintage Los Angeles home, the Snow White tiki bungalow, has sold to someone who isn't me. So, I needed a new property to lust after. Then I found this adorable Robert Byrd-style cottage built in 1955 and kept in incredible original condition tucked away in the Hollywood Hills (1642 Queens Rd Los Angeles, California).

I went to the open house for this beauty and was blown away. The real estate agent, inspired by my unbridled enthusiasm for the home's charm, showed off some of the best parts of this offbeat property. There are wonderful little vintage surprises all over this amazing home. Hidden lazy Susans in an unexpected location, beyond unusual door frames, and the coolest/most dangerous bathtub I've ever seen.

I was greeted at the front door by this adorable mini draw bridge… and the $799,000 list price. (Though, if I'm being honest, that's actually NOT a bad price for a home in the Hollywood Hills… I know, right!?)

Once inside, it's vintage home happiness everywhere!

Wood-beamed, vaulted ceilings, wood paneling, rounded brick fireplace, crisscross lattice windows, a crazy light fixture with tiny people doing acrobatics, and this cool mad-men style room divider by the front door:

And while we're taking a peek into the dining room… see what looks like a white window frame in the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room?

That's the access to the super special lazy Susan! Freaking genius!

The kitchen seems to be all original from the '50s, except for the appliances. Which is a bummer: it'd be SO cute to see original appliances built into the brick.

Now let's check out the bedrooms. There are two beds and two baths, and they BOTH have very special elements.

The master bedroom is huge, with vaulted, beamed ceilings, and this adorable little nook perfect for a king-sized bed. It also has access to the backyard…

The back of this house is just as cute as the front!

But, the best part about this room is the vintage ensuite bathroom…

With the coolest, but very dangerous bathtub design.

Can't you just see yourself sleepily entering your bathroom in the morning and stepping into your empty bathtub by accident? Ouch.

The real estate agent also pointed out how cool the vintage sink fixtures are. How adorable are they? OH! And I'd be remiss to not point out the double sink action.

Now, let's take our tour upstairs to the second bedroom, with the coolest doorway EVER.

There's a little loft space outside the second bedroom, perfect for a little office space.

But what REALLY kills me is that door frame!

The awesome ceilings continue in here, but are shown up by the amazing windows and the large built in closet — love those!

This room also has an ensuite bathroom with ADORABLE vintage wallpaper. How cute would this be for a kid's bathroom?

In fact, how cute would this WHOLE HOUSE be for, well, THIS kid. Oh home, I want you so bad, why do you have to be so expensive?

OH! And there's one more thing that makes this house so rad. As I was (sadly) leaving, I looked down and noticed that the small dividing half-wall in the entry way held a little surprise INSIDE:

Alright, it's YOUR turn again! Is there a property on the market right now that you're absolutely lusting after? I want to see it!