How to make your own swirly whirly spiral herb garden

By on Jun 21st

Almost anyone can have an herb garden, but how many people have an herb SPIRAL! This new hotness comes to us from Jeamac who built it herself. And here's how she pulled it off.

Completed Herb SpiralHere's our completed herb spiral. We made it one meter high and one meter in diameter so that all the herbs are within reach. To create this garden, we started by watching some "how to build an herb spiral" videos on YouTube and then winged it.

This is the video we took most of our info from:

Building an Herb SpiralWe covered the grass with a thick layer of newspapers. Then we built the brick spiral. We needed a lot more bricks than we thought! We got lots of bricks through Freecycle, but still had to buy some used bricks to complete the spiral.

Herb SpiralThen filled the brick spiral up with straw for mulch, and let it sit for a few months.

Completed Herb SpiralWhen it was time to plant, we topped it off with planting soil. Some other things we considered were companion planting, planting marigolds as pest deterrents, and what we had in our spice rack (which herbs we use more frequently).

Several of our plants didn't make it, so we are trying to deduce what the issues are and hopefully have a better survival rate in the future. For help with that, this website has good visuals and a description of some herbs' water needs.

And if you're curious, this video is good for explaining why you would build an herb spiral:

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