Dark clothes, punk shirts, gothic jewelry from Restyle.pl

By on May 25th

One long skeleton hoodie to go, plz.

Oh HELLO, newly-scouted Euro-based clothier Restyle. I am in lovvvve with your gothy-punk mix and your supah-cute model.

Restyle, you have come into my world at just the time when I am refreshing my clothes for summer. HEAT BE DAMNED, I like me a black wardrobe.

Whether you're looking for a few new accessories or a host of macabre tees, I think you'll like shopping here.

This skeleton hoodie is what first caught my eye, but then I got lost in Restyle's rings and chokers.

O, the jewelry! Chunky rings are a weakness of mine, like this Alice in Wonderland-y keyhole ring.

An octopus cuff — no stretched ears required!

Ooh, I love the POP of this bright brainy cameo.

And the slightly-otherworldly black ring. Mmmmmhmmm.

I mainly just dig the styling on this product photo, but Restyle does have a lot of great t shirts.

Again, the styling overall here makes me go OMG hell yes. I don't normally go for the drama when I dress, but for a blouse like this, I'd wear the big ass hat, too.

YES YES YES the military jacket KILLS me! I'm done! UNCLE!

What dark goodness did you pick out and earmark from Restyle?

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