8 ways to express dinosaur appreciation in your home

By on May 23rd

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who had a thing for dinosaurs as a kid. My favorites were the plesiosaur and the duckbill.

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This latent dino-love is, I'm sure, the reason I'm drawn to every single dinocraft project I find. They all call to me.

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This is the best cake topper.

I dig other plastic animals, too — but couldn't this rack go for less ram, more prehistoric carnviore?

Oh yeah! They do make great planters.

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Nice. I'm liking this new "what can I stick to a lamp base" trend. I see there's another one in the background, too. I like how these lamp bases go abstract from a distance.

GOOD use of spray paint!

Yup. Very acceptable.

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Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thanks, brachiosaurus, for taking this post home.

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