8 ways to express dinosaur appreciation in your home

May 23 |
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I'm sure I'm not the only one here who had a thing for dinosaurs as a kid. My favorites were the plesiosaur and the duckbill.

Source: blog.hgtv.com via Kathy on Pinterest
Source: blog.hgtv.com via Kathy on Pinterest

This latent dino-love is, I'm sure, the reason I'm drawn to every single dinocraft project I find. They all call to me.

Source: blog.craftzine.com via Cat on Pinterest
Source: blog.craftzine.com via Cat on Pinterest
I dig other plastic animals, too — but couldn't this rack go for less ram, more prehistoric carnviore?

t rex plate
Most intimidating plate ever.

dino planter
Oh yeah! They do make great planters.

Clean of the Stone Age Shower Curtain

Source: etsy.com via Susan on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Susan on Pinterest
Nice. I'm liking this new "what can I stick to a lamp base" trend. I see there's another one in the background, too. I like how these lamp bases go abstract from a distance.

dinosaur bookend
You can also learn how to turn dinosaurs into bookends with cement!

Fun for Your Life Wall Decor in Dino

  1. Ok, am I the only GLEE-atch who's all, PROMOSAURUS!!?

    15 agree
    • I was super disappointed that they didn't bust out Walk the Dinosaur.

      6 agree
    • I'm pretty sure my two year daughter is going to be dissappointed when her school doesn't have a dinosaur prom fifteen years from now. She jumped up and was dancing with the dinos during that episode!

      Thus far her favorite things in the world are dinosaurs, pirates, dragons, hockey, and the Muppets. I am beyond pleased with her taste.

      1 agrees
    I always forget that plastic toys can be spray painted and incorporated into grown-up decor.

    7 agree
  3. That last one gives me awesome ideas for similarly themed giraffe and ostrich decor.

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  4. My husband wants a couple of the schleich dinosaurs for our mantle. I am so down with that! Now to rustle up $80 odd bucks (aus) for each… Yeh, I think that this will be a birthday present.

  5. Fans of pre-historic fauna should check out this song "Dinosaurs" by a band I know called Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers. The lyrics include the line "Someone still loves you dinosaurs, and it's us"


    (Recorded as a steampunk fair in a converted church so please excuse the echo and poor lighting)

  6. Boyfriend is overseas on business trip. Seriously considering stealthily dinosaurifying the lamp in his study..

    4 agree
  7. We had dinosaur pie toppers for our wedding pie. Yeah, we're awesome ;-)

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! These are all AMAZING ideas. Amazing. This also gives me some great ideas for all the tiny plastic zoo animals that I bought for our wedding.

    I just wish I didn't anthropomorphize inanimate objects so much. It would be awfully hard for me to cut one in half. Silly, I know.

    2 agree
  9. So jealous that I didn't think of these ideas first! …steal :)

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