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I’m an anarchist and so are you (probably)

Smashing the windows of Starbucks, a giant red encircled A, and the music of the Sex Pistols… these are the things, images, and sounds that may be evoked when people are discussing anarchy. I’m writing to set the record straight and share with you the ways in which anarchy can and should be incorporated into everyday life.

travel tips

Travel agents, common scams, and even numbers: Travel budget tips that may surprise you

This was such an epic comment from Homie Channamasala, on our post about international travel tips, that we had to turn it into its very own post. Check out these surprising travel tips based on real world experiences.

How to get out of bed

I get it. What others might see as a chronic case of laziness, is actually paralyzing depression. The thought of getting out of bed is like running a marathon, something you want no part of. Today, we’re going to take it easy. Forget about all those thoughts that are slowly crushing you. Today, we’re just going to get out of bed.

What potentially embarrassing postpartum things will I need?

I’m expecting my first child and keep coming across registry suggestion lists for cute onesies and baby stuff. But what I really need help with is knowing what possibly embarrassing stuff I am going to need after the baby is here.

Why I’m tired of the mentality that marriage = babies

What I’ve been considering a lot lately, and what has been upsetting me, is that marriage seems to = babies according to common logic. I find myself not just frustrated as a woman that is simply not damn ready to have a baby yet, but also insulted for pretty much any family that has done things differently.

What are the ethics of naming your child — can you use someone else’s baby’s name?

As days went by, I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling when I thought of the name — I know it’s meant for my baby, and my husband feels the same. Except… I feel guilty about the idea of “stealing” this beautiful name.

I’ve started telling my daughters I’m beautiful

There are a lot of people like me. Women who know things. Women who have seen things. Women with diseases in their livers. There are a lot of women with scars on their arms and words that carry themselves like sparrows. There are women who were too big for this town, who had their backs bent carrying things like religion and a history that originated somewhere in the crook of a branch that extended over a stream. All of you women with lines on your brow, with cracks between your fingers… it’s been a long winter. All of you, you are beautiful and so am I.

7 tips for how to grow gargantuan basil plants

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking homemade mozzarella and I mentioned my gigantic basil plants. Basically they’re growing so large that they will consume my house. Here are the tips I know for growing mad basil.