Determining if a sentimental item is clutter or a treasure

By on Apr 26th

Trash? Or treasure? Photo by, used under Creative Commons license.

The always-helpful Unclutterer put together a helpful rubric on determining what to keep and what to trash as you go through spring cleaning:

As you're sorting through your sentimental items to determine what is a treasure and what is clutter, ask yourself:

  • How will I store this item? If you will store it in a way that shows you value the item (archival quality materials, stored per archival quality recommendations, or cleanly on display to enjoy every day), keep the object as a sentimental treasure. If you plan to store it in a cardboard box in your basement, get rid of the sentimental clutter.
  • Is this item associated with a happy memory? Keep only objects that bring you happiness. Life is too short to surround yourself with sorrow and pain.
  • Is this the best item to evoke the most powerful sentimental memory? If you have five objects associated with the same memory, consider reducing your collection to just the best quality item. When it comes to physical possessions, too many of something can detract from the overall impact. You can stop seeing the proverbial forest for the trees.

Check it. This is good knowledge. Read the entire article at Unclutterer

How do you decide what to keep and what gets binned?

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