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Why is minimalism so damn bright white?

I’ve been reading a lot more blogs about simplicity and minimalism when it comes to fashion, wardrobes and homes. And a commonality that I keep seeing is white, black and neutrals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good black and white, especially in fashion. It’s classy and clean. But I am a vibrant and colorful person, and I need that in my home! Why is every single blog about minimalism and decluttering seem to think people want a pristine white decor?

10 things you can get rid of right now

We have a lot of junk we’re hanging onto because we’re lying to ourselves about why it’s still here. I’m giving you full permission to get it the heck outta your life right now. I’m telling you that your lies are no good here: it’s time to de-clutter that stuff.Here are ten things you can get rid of right now…

5 ways to cope with hoarding

I didn’t expect hoarding to impact my life in such a big way. I grew up in a house that made constant donations to whatever organization would come by our front door — at least three garbage bags each month, minimum. Stuff came in, stuff went out. This was my normal. And then I met the man who would one day become my husband. And then I met his parents. And now hoarding is a very real and stressful part of my life. Here are some of the challenges of dealing with hoarders, and how we cope with them…

Conquering the belongings that formerly overwhelmed me

Are you moving or thinking it’s time to reduce some of the crap you own? Homie Matilda’s struggle with getting rid of all of her belongings for her impending move might help inspire you to reduce the amount of crap you own. Or it might also make you realize WHY it is you keep holding on to so many THINGS.

How do I keep clutter from expanding and filling my new space!?

We’re about to move into a two bedroom apartment with a den. While I am ecstatic about having a little more room — like actually having a living room — with so much more space than we currently have I am worried about it easily becoming cluttered just to fill the space. Do you have any recommendations for how to deal with an increase in square footage while ensuring it is used intentionally?

Taking organization a step past “omg, BASKETS!”

Thanks to Becca (Offbeat Bride’s former intern) for sending me this awesome article from Oh My Handmade featuring three stupid-simple tricks to getting organized.

How a packrat and a minimalist compromised in organizing

What happens when a minimalist mom living in a small trendy downtown apartment meets a country boy packrat? Well, if it was a sitcom, hilarity would ensue. Reality? A little stressful.

Determining if a sentimental item is clutter or a treasure

The always-helpful Unclutterer put together a helpful rubric on determining what to keep and what to trash as you go through spring cleaning, so check it out. This is good knowledge.