Outdoor TV, kawaii piggy bank, and one big pink house in this week's reader photos

By on Apr 2nd

Hi Homies! Let's tiptoe through the tulips of the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and see what everyone's been up to lately.

Pipe Shelving

Digophelia817 spent last weekend putting up these pipe-and-board shelves in her kitchen. Color me JEALOUS. AS. ALL.


Hello Droogie's bug-rock-bone-apothecary has some niiice specimens.


Saw this flamingo house while visiting my parents at Isle of Palms, SC and had to share! -drgnsyr

Marranito Totoro

This is a Totoro piggy bank painted by la.furia. ENOUGH SAID.

mother river antler basket

so NOT cool made — MADE! — this antler basket.

MacGuyver and fire.

This is what we did last week: dragged a TV out onto a deck and watched MacGuyver over a firepit. There were little smokies and shooting stars.

Clicky links!

Hey, what do those little squigglies in the Clicky Links mean?

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