Entering a life of Living Apart Together

By on Mar 14th

"The City moving announcement" from Minted.

So last week, my partner got an amazing job offer in another state. He accepted the offer on Tuesday. Yesterday, he moved into his new apartment six hours away from our home.

We had to make quick decisions and plan a second Rockethaus household in the last few days, and I'm finding myself thinking about very different home topics: Safety! Security! How fast can I acquire more cats! Will I eat anything besides potatoes!

Yes, folks. I'm now entering a lifestyle known as "Living Apart Together." It's not as uncommon as you might think — hey, there's even a Wikipedia entry all about it — but it is new to me. Here's how the transition is going…

Changes so far:

  • No regard for THE MAN'S imposition of "time." I was already pulling pretty odd hours, but — and this may help you have a better idea of how hermitous I am — turns out that when I'm alone, "days" mean something totally different. I'm trying to keep myself somewhat in tune with the rest of the world's timeframe.
  • I have made an entire list of projects in the house to tackle. Last night, I set up the guest room as a seedling nursery.
  • I don't eat without other people around. Consumed in last 36 hours: 2 mochi balls, 2 potatoes, 1 GIANT salad with goat cheese, raisins, and ranch dressing, pineapple, 2 cups butter coffee

I can see that my first challenge is going to be food. I LOVE to cook, but am way too lazy to cook for a table of one. I think I'm going to have to give myself a carrot to get over this sloth and continue to feed myself responsibly, sometimes. Since I think the best carrot is shredded on top of pho, I'm finally sitting down to learn to make it at home, really well, this week — so there will be a recipe for a good one-person pho coming up tomorrow!

For those of you've who've done the Living Apart Together thing, any advice for me?

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