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Adventure vs. settling down: can we make it work when I want to roam and he wants to stay home?

Adventure vs. settling down: can we make it work when I want to roam and he wants to stay home?

My husband and I spent our 20s working short term contracts all over the country. For me every day was an adventure, but it turned out the itinerant life made my husband miserable, so we settled down. But now I’m miserable. The thing is, I still love my husband. We still make each other laugh until neither of us can move. We still have sex. But the quiet life isn’t for me.

So what do we do? Is it possible to be happily married to someone who doesn’t share your life goals? Or do I divorce my best friend?

I want a permanent “weekend relationship.” Is that possible?

Recently, I found a great guy who is just like me and we clicked immediately. He lives some 200 miles away and we basically have a weekend relationship. I really love it that way and so does he. We don’t take it as a “phase,” though. We’re looking at it more like a perfect relationship pattern.

I do hear warning voices, though, telling me that this isn’t a “real” relationship. So I wonder… are there other people out there living in a similar weekend relationship pattern?

Never eat the same meal twice with these 7 tips for cooking for one

I’ve lived alone most of my adult life, and I absolutely detest eating the same meal more than twice in a row! So I have a few pointers for cooking for one…

What living in a different city from my fiancé taught me about loving him, my home, and myself

I tried to avoid filing this arrangement under the “long-distance relationship” category, a title that felt overly indulgent in our situation. Yet there were still valuable lessons for us in this place of semi-separation and changes were made that I now treasure.

I only live with my husband half of the year (and I’m okay with it)

I joke with my friends that I am a “part-time wife” because, for about half the year, I live with my husband and two cats in Boise, Idaho. The other half, I spend in Kalamazoo, Michigan working on my Ph.D. in English. This is a temporary situation, but it does raise a few eyebrows, and like any non-traditional living arrangement, it presents its own challenges.

Battling the boredom during long-term, long-distance relationships

I have been in a four-year-long relationship with a lovely man, who asked me out over the phone as he was going through security at the airport to leave the country for four months! After he returned I still had two years of college, eight hours away, to finish up. So, while I am by no means an expert, I can say that I have some experience with the long distance experience. Now, let me just say, long-term, long-distance SUCKS but here are my tips so that you don’t get bored with the standard text/call/Skype routine…

3 methods to help you survive involuntarily Living Apart Together

My partner moved out three months ago. Hers how we’re using a subscription service, an iPhone app, and The AvengersHawkeye to cope.

Recipes for one: Pho, the pinnacle of comfort foods

Now that I’m living on my own, I have to figure out what I’m not too lazy to cook for myself. Luckily, there’s Pho to the rescue!

Here’s my recipe for a simple soup you can customize MANY ways to keep your lonesome self happy.