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Single-living vs. couple-living: one woman’s pros and cons

I’m quite satisfied with the single life. Though I’ve really loved loving and living with my manfolk too. They are very, very different lifestyles. I’ve been having a funny feeling that I’m going to meet someone soon, and it’s leading me to wonder if I even really want to. I’ve been contemplating single versus couple life a lot lately…

An art historian’s eclectic, nerdy, queer, and academic-themed 650 sq ft apartment

My decorating style and clothing style are one and the same: lots of texture, pattern, and color, and a mix of old and new, femme and butch. Plus lots of purple and lots of pink, from my hair to my lipstick! I want my home to feel not just lived-in, but full of items you can’t wait to pick up and find out more about.

A tiny, geeky, artsy, punk-y studio in Seattle

There are two big challenges here: storage room and tidiness. It’s not a very big apartment — I think it clocks in at about 425 sq. ft., and it only comes with just the closet and some poorly arranged kitchen cabinets to contain all my stuff. So most of my furniture is for the storing of things because I can’t live without making and surrounding myself with art.

Lifehacks for living alone

Full of helpful advice like how to avoid falling out of bed when you’ve had too many drinks while watching Downton Abbey, and the note that cats are … almost people!

Jasna’s apartment in Cologne, Germany, filled with femininity, soft colours, and crafts

Just because you live in a small apartment in Cologne, Germany, doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. Jasna’s apartment is all about crafts, colors, feminine decor, and a spotted fridge. And somehow, it doesn’t seem cramped at all! Oh, and wait until you see how she uses clothing as decor.

11 ways to “happy-fy” your home

When my three-year relationship ended, I moved into an adorable little shoe box of an apartment and decided that this little place was going to be a bastion of joy and silliness and positivity, and that anyone who crossed the threshold would want to play Pictionary, talk to the cat, and feel happy and peaceful. So I’ve been slowly en-happy-ing my apartment, making it impossible to feel anything other than glee while hanging there. Here’s what has worked for me…

Entering a life of Living Apart Together

So last week, my partner got an amazing job offer in another state. He accepted the offer on Tuesday. Yesterday, he moved into his new apartment six hours away from our home.

We had to make quick decisions and plan a second Rockethaus household in the last few days, and I’m finding myself thinking about very different home topics: Safety! Security! How fast can I acquire more cats! Will I eat anything besides potatoes!

Yes, folks. I’m now entering a lifestyle known as “Living Apart Together.” It’s not as uncommon as you might think — hey, there’s even a Wikipedia entry all about it — but it is new to me. Here’s how the transition is going…