Auction house odds and ends — emphasis on the odd!

Guestpost by Andy on Mar 22nd

Casa Sugar is running an interesting home tour today, and CS editor Elka made sure we got early access to the juicy bits of this unusual home. Enjoy a taste of Andy's decor before you take the tour!

entry wayCome in! I live in Alameda, CA which is an actual island connected to Oakland by way of tunnels and bridges. This means I'm an islander and automatically makes me cooler than most people.

I teach art at a private art and music school and I flip antiques via on-line auctions. I work part time at a San Francisco auction house, because it allows me hands-on access to lots of wonderful objects for my art and for my home.

So, this is my house, where I keep all my Things and make my art. Right this way, into the living room…

living room

The victorian wooden manikin on the sofa was given to me for FREE. I got it from work — they were going to toss it out!

My decorating style is basically buying things I like then putting them in my home. I have always loved Charles Addams' cartoons have always wanted to live in that world.


I like antique taxidermy — especially Victorian taxidermy — because they had lots of free time so they were extra clever. The Victorians made lots of household objects out of animals and nothing says Addams family like an otter paw shoehorn or an elephant foot ottoman.

IMG_7728 living room

I found the vintage pond sail boat at a rummage sale, but it was missing the mast and sails so I had to make those. Since I had to make them I decided to make them twice as large as they should be so they could double as curtains for my front window — the boat looks more whimsical as well

living room

The black crow is a prop from the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" and is signed by its star, Tippi Hedren. The dresser is a school rummage sale find, and I added the glass handles.

IMG_7795 kitchen

When I moved into this house the kitchen had cheap new cabinets in awful condition, so I ripped them out and replaced them with found pieces. I like the floating orange road cone you can see through the window at the end — my neighbor is having some construction work done.


The drawer unit here was salvaged from my childhood home.

IMG_7814 bathroom detail

When I moved in the bathroom actually had a marble sink and gold plated fixtures. I tore that out and replaced with these rusty old things. I think they have tons more character.

IMG_7809 bathroom detail

This is a sculpture I made titled "The Visible Man." This the closest thing to a white pedestal I have in the house.

IMG_7781 bed

This butcher's sign welcomes me into bed at night.

IMG_7776 home office detail

And at the foot of my bed hangs this anatomical diagram — among other finds.

I really enjoy my things but don't live in a very large home so every time I buy something new I sell a couple of my older pieces. This keeps me from being featured on "Hoarders" and it is also an excellent way to keep improving my collection. I get the best pieces I can find and afford and trade up whenever possible.

Interest piqued? Hope over to Casa Sugar for the whole picture of Andy's house.