My major DSL and Cable Internet providers are out. Am I destined to live in the netless stoneage?

By on Feb 14th

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My girlfriend and I just moved into a new apartment on very short notice, and haven't been able to get internet. AT&T strung us along for several hours' worth of phone calls and then told us that our apartment isn't set up for their service (even though adjoining apartments are) and RCN doesn't service our area in Chicago. Comcast is too expensive for us.

The building manager says he has no idea why AT&T wouldn't work for us and he's never encountered that problem before. The only idea I'm left with is offering a neighbor $20 to piggyback on their wireless connection, but that seems too risky. What can we do here? Neither of us are tech-savvy and I'm hoping there's a solution we've overlooked. -Will

AWESOME question. I'm curious, too — having had bad service from my regional conglomerate (and wanting fast, secure service for my high-usage home), I've found myself looking for other options.

Homies, help us.

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