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How to get the most bang for your buck with your technology

My significant other and I live on one main income — mine, as a freelance writer. The number-one impediment to my budgeting experience has been technology. Here’s how I’ve learned to deal…

Leaf HDTV antenna = HDTV for free!

You know we’re always coming up with new and creative ways to help you set up or maximize your home entertainment system on the cheap. Think Geek just presented another free tv hack to the masses — Leaf. Check this shit out!

How to get rid of cable and watch TV online

Every once in a while on Facebook or Twitter, I see a plea for help to get rid of cable and start watching TV shows and movies online. I have been doing this for about three years and wouldn’t go back. Here’s how I make it work with a laptop and a little organization.

My major DSL and Cable Internet providers are out. Am I destined to live in the netless stoneage?

We moved fast, and found out Internet service in our new building is lacking. Are there alternative options other than “local DSL” and “local cable” internet providers?

Our friend the television: Is cable an outdated dinosaur?

Last week Mashable published an article about the connective devices — Boxee, Roku, Apple TV and Google TV, and an Xbox 360 — taking over cable’s market. It was an interesting read, but I think the idea of keeping television separate from the internet is already outdated. Let’s prognosticate.