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Do eco-friendlier mattress choices exist?

By on Feb 8th
My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a new mattress in a couple of months and we wondered if there were any environmentally-friendly options.

I suppose a follow-up question is if there is anything we should know about disposing the old one! Since your website has inspired us to make more conscious decisions about our lifestyles I was hoping you would be able to offer some input. -Claire

Interesting question! For years, my husband told me he wanted a bed he'd seen on HGTV — a "traditional" Vietnamese bed, which consists of a stone platforms with an embedded heating coil. He said the show claimed this platform bed was the ultimate in luxury sleep design. We later fact-checked this with a Vietnamese friend, who said, "Oh yeah, those totally exist. But they're not fancy. It's what country people sleep on — it's just HARD." Anyway, all that is to say: I'm really interested in non-mattress options.

Within the traditional bedding realm, I've read a lot about Keesta beds, natural latex mattresses, and a few others, but I have no personal experience.

What have you got, Homies? What have you learned about buying beds sans flame retardants, built using sustainable materials — or non-traditional bed options? And how can people efficiently dispose of old beds, now that many cities/charities prohibit selling them?

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