Make a creepy, glowing light for your yard or a party

By on Oct 18th

Halloween rocks, but it can be hard to find time to do anything around the house when you have limited time and money. Halloween Hacks are really simple ideas to make the season spookier for all.

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

This is such a brilliant idea. I'd love to have spooky lights in my yard for Halloween! I'm going to hide some in plants and trees to make things seem weird and ominous. These'd pair great with a fog machine, too.

The recipe for this glowing jar is:

  1. Find great jars
  2. Fill said jars with water
  3. Buy a batch of glow sticks, and carefully! mix a broken glowstick in each container and wham: spooky lights in the yard.

Here's another easy way to create a glowing jar of awesome:

I learned about this spooky glowing jar trick from the proprietors of Clockwork Couture
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  1. Fill a jar with water.
  2. Take the guts of a highlighter out of the pen casing and pop it in the water.
  3. Let it sit overnight.
  4. Take out the highlighter guts and the water now glows with lit up with blacklight.

Perfect for your "mad scientist" set up. Or just moody lighting in general for your Halloween bash.

What awesome glowing jar hacks do you know of?

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