Two homes with mobile-origins and beachy interiors — even when they sit in the snow

By on Aug 8th

Photos courtesy CRAFT

I found this caboose-cum-permanent home owned by Marcia Weber. She lives in it year-round in Pennsylvania — and the whole thing is just 350 square feet.

I love it. The caboose house looks like a peachy li'l beach cabin.

I may be partial to this caboose house because my dad has long said he'd soon be moving into a very similar caboose he bought 30 years ago. A caboose is so perfect for a tiny home, with that little top nook for a bed!

Over on Tiny House Blog we've got Hornby Island Caravans' second-ever completed caravan, outfitted with clapboard siding and made spacious-feeling with generous windows. It's meant as a guest house/place to play a stand-up bass.

I could so very easily live in this itty bitty space. All by myself. Cozy.

That color of blue!!!!!! Those rounded-corner windowsills! I die.


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