There’s always room for Jell-O at your party if you make classy Jell-O shots

By on Jul 19th

Bramble Jelly Shots — containing lemon sour, gin, and blackberry liqueur. Mmmm. Courtesy Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

I haven't partaken in Jell-O shots since my college's annual booze-fueled weeklong party, and then the shots were super unclassy — red and green Jell-O mixed with Hawkeye vodka in sad little Dixie cups. MMM! Not.

I'm grown up now, and though the parties haven't stopped, the Jell-O shots had. Until I found Michelle Palm's book Jelly Shot Test Kitchen and her blog at

Michelle and Intern Doug work tirelessly to fill the weeks of the year with posts containing new recipes for and photos of lovely little alcoholic hors d'oerves using lots of different types of booze and huge varieties of shapes and colors.

Little pinkie French 78 shots. Courtesy Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

Last week Michelle even posted a Jell-O shot in honor of the final Harry Potter movie: chocolate frogs.

I want to pop on in my mooooouth! Courtesy Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

These are so pretty and delicate — I can't imagine a party they wouldn't work for. Even for kids' parties, I could remove the punch and just serve up pretty little Jell-O sculptures, wiggling and jiggling their way to the table.

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