WTF White Elephant Gifts safe enough for an office party

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WTF note pad: $5!

Oh, it’s about that season again — the time of year when we all awkwardly gather around with groups of people we may or may not know at all (randos at the office! second cousins and their new girlfriends at family gatherings! neighbors who just moved to the hood!) and give each other weird (but not so weird that they’re offensive) gifts as part of a white elephant gift exchange.

Today, I’mma wrangle up a brand new list full of brand new weird stuff you could bring to any white elephant gift exchange — so safe, that they’d even be safe for an office party.

None of these are over $40, and most of them are in the $20 range… they’re all a little WTF, but clean and office appropriate.

Monster pasta strainer just wants to drain your pasta and very gently weird you out. $18 from Amazon
It’s a pen holder, but it looks like it’s been stabbed. $12 from Amazon
Aww, life would SUCC so much without this lil succulent planter. $12 on Amazon
Set of six little cat butt magnets! $17 on Amazon
Deathstar clock $37 on Amazon
These cute NESSIE spoons look like wee little lochness monsters, aww! $37 for the set
Moon-shaped night light $16 on Amazon
Carpool Karaoke microphones $50 on Amazon
Beam me up, Snacks! UFO container $37 on Amazon
Bulldog speaker you better believe it! $30 from Amazon
Iron dinosaur toilet paper holder! $18 from Amazon
Just hanging around! Cutey sloth planter, $18 on Amazon
Beach blanket avocado towel $38 from Amazon
It’s a Star Wars cheese set, because of course it is. $38 on Amazon
Bear paw oven mitts, $20 from Amazon

But wait, what I really want to know is what’s the best white elephant gift exchange item you’ve ever gotten? That you like LEGITIMATELY love — not just funny, but actually useful or cool?

Comments on WTF White Elephant Gifts safe enough for an office party

  1. And if for some reason you DON’T want to shop at Amazon, check out Lots of weird stuff, but unlike Archie McFee, nearly ALL of it is useful.

    I have no use for Archie’s Santa Pigeon riding an Ostrich tree topper (I’m not kidding), but Kikkerland’s travel chopsticks are a different matter.

  2. I noticed that all the recommended gift ideas are from Amazon.

    Does OBH or its staff get any sort of remuneration for clicking/purchasing any of the above?

    Not saying that’s bad…would just like to know.

  3. I know I’m late to this party, but the best white elephant gift I’ve ever seen was at an opera company and one of the baritones put in a signed, framed headshot of himself. It was so funny and got stolen the maximum number of times.

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