Tree and Royal Tenenbaums-inspired nursery

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The lettering on that banner is inspired by "The Royal Tenenbaums"!This nursery is so dreamy. It’s so tranquil, but with a touch of whimsy that makes me want to scour each picture looking for one more thing to love because I know I’ll find it.

Taylor and Leah (some of you may remember Leah from over here) spent a lot of time designing a nursery that was warm and perfect for either sex. As Leah said, “Neither of us have ever been under the impression that girl means pink and boy means blue.”

You've gotta love any nursery that incorporates a stuffed Domo.
You've gotta love any nursery that incorporates a stuffed Domo.
Check out those trees! Taylor’s a musician (check out his band Quiet Company), so while he and some friends were painting the trees they added piano keys to some of them.

In addition to being a nod to Taylor’s love of music, it’s also an homage to her namesake. John Lennon is Harper’s middle namesake, to her parents, it seemed only too fitting to incorporate the love of music into her room.

I especially like the chair rail that separates the room into two halves. It makes this room look totally professional, when in fact Taylor installed it himself!

HarperOf course, we couldn’t very well show off the nursery without showing off the beautiful little girl it was designed for, could we?

So lucky to have such artistic and talented parents! For more pictures of this nursery, check out Leah’s blog!

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  1. Gah! I have been inspired! When I saw this my perfect nursery finally came into focus… The Life Aquatic will make an amazing room! Thank you, I hope you don’t mind my semi-usurping of your brilliance.

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