When my son met Kate Moss

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Kate Moss regards TaviThis weekend we did our first flight with the baby (he did great!) down the Bay Area where I was doing an Offbeat Bride reading.

On Sunday, we headed inland to Napa to visit an old blogging friend of mine, and that’s where we met Kate Moss.

Because oh yes: that hilarious skinny Brussels Griffon in the photo was named Kate Moss. Kate Moss was totally fascinated by Tavi, and kept coming over to take investigative sniffs.

So tell me: does Kate Moss look more like an Ewok or Chewbacca to you?

Comments on When my son met Kate Moss

  1. My grandmother has one of those dogs! I forget what her name is though (easy to do when she has a farm with a bajillion animals lol). They definitely look like Ewoks to me!

  2. I have a dog that looks like an Ewok mixed with Falkor from the Neverending Story. But I think that Kate Moss might have just stolen my heart, partly because I love flat faces, and partly because I know my EwokFalkor would never sniff a baby with anything other than malice.

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