What should we do with our large family crest?

Updated Oct 12 2015
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brass knuckles

Our friend welded us this brass knuckle family crest! Our family name is at the bottom. What should we do with it?!

Our best idea so far is to put it in our berry garden and let the raspberries grow around and through it.


What say you, Homies? You're a creative bunch, I'm sure y'all have ideas on how Mishaj can use this ENORMOUS (and threatening) family crest.

  1. The house I grew up in had a large blank space above the garage door… would've been a great place for something like that!

  2. Do you have a huge empty space in your living/family/great room? You could put it in a stand and use it as a statement piece.

  3. It would look pretty sick over a mantle. You could even put photos (in round frames!) in the knuckle holes to juxtapose badass & adorable.

  4. I kind of want to turn it into a coffee table. Cut some wood into an oval that just barely matches the widest and longest points. Then lay the knuckles on top and make a mosaic inside the negative space.

    Not sure if I have my process right, but I'd fudge that til it works.

  5. It would make an awesome headboard. You could also put some mesh in there and use it as a freaking awesome fire grate, indoors or outdoors. Brass knuckles and fire!

  6. i would put pictures of the two of you and your families in each hole and put it on a large wall needing of some zazz. family snugglness+hardcore ridculousness=awesome.

  7. I agree with the headboard idea. A friend made an awesome wooden crest-ish thing for us for our wedding and I'm not sure where to put it yet either- it's crossed hockey sticks!

  8. Do you have stairs? The wall leading up the stairs would be a good place for it–that is usually wasted space anyway and generally a large spot for oversized pieces. I like everyone's idea of pictures of you two and your families in each ring as well.

    Of course, I also like your idea of raspberry vines. The only problem I see with that idea is that the vines would eventually cover it so it would be harder to partake of its awesomeness.

    In short, I am coveting your crest and wish I had this problem. 🙂

  9. So many great ideas- the garden accessory, the headboard, the coffee table- I don't know hwo you'll decide, your friend may have to make you a few more 😉

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